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We Plan, We Develop, YOU SUCCEED ®
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  • Facility Economic Justification
  • Process Design / Equipment Acquisition
  • Facility Design
  • Zoning Law Navigation
  • Government Funding Procurement
  • Construction Project Management
Global Influence
Industrial solutions for every problem, any country
CAMPBELL CORP. CHINA China Rebuilding consultants Learn More
  • Facility Economic Justification
  • Process Design / Equipment Acquisition
  • Facility Design
  • Zoning Law Navigation
  • Government Funding Procurement
  • Construction Project Management
“Extraordinary Working Partners.”
– Howard Olson, President, Todd Machinery, Inc.
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  • Lean Six Sigma Analysis
  • Facility Relocation Assessment
  • Manufacturing Efficiency Improvement
Feasibility / Strategic Planning

An organization faced with constraints has many options to meet customer demands; increase throughput, reduce defects, expand facility, new facility development, acquisition, merger, partnership, outsourcing, etc. Each option has unique opportunities to meet strategic and operational goals yet introduces unique constraints and risk. Campbell Corporation assists our clients in developing and executing the strategic plan to achieve organizational goals while maximizing revenue and mitigating risk.

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Global Facility / Factory Design / Layout

Campbell Corporation understands that EVERY aspect of a facility should support safe and efficient production. Our staff of lean engineers works with our facility design team to achieve an optimal facility layout while considering real estate and construction-related constraints. We don't stop there. Our facility design team produces lean facility schematic drawings, specifications, and details to support every aspect of manufacturing from process and material flows to work space ergonomics to 5S zones.

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Lean Manufacturing Engineering

Whether just starting a lean program or searching for a continuous improvement solution, Campbell Corporation has the experience and skillsets to identify and implement readily achievable opportunities in process and manufacturing improvement. We utilize our proven system to achieve your corporate and manufacturing Lean goals. Utilizing a combination of our more than 48 industry and proprietary methodologies, we consistently deliver high impact results.

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Special Projects Representation

Whether acquiring a competitor, expanding capacity domestically or abroad, or adding onto your existing facility, our team of lean consultants are experienced in successfully representing our clients' special project needs. By providing experienced and comprehensive support in facility acquisitions, leasing of facilities, relocations of operations, construction oversight, major asset acquisitions, or asset disposal, we assure your corporate interests in every facet of our operations support.

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Global Project Management

Campbell Corporation - We've Been There. Literally. Campbell Corporation's team of lean engineers, project managers, construction experts, and executive consultants have the experience and regional contacts to expertly implement and execute your strategic plan at home or abroad. Experienced in international communication, collaboration, and project management, we have a track record of successfully completing international lean, facility design and construction projects.

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/ sin-er-jee / noun / the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

In any language, any country, Campbell Corporation’s expertise in each of the services we provide is enriched by our knowledge and proficiency in the suite of services we offer.


A single source with expertise in feasibility analysis, lean manufacturing engineering, facility design, and facility construction uniquely allows us project-wide perspective into each of the services we offer, streamlining the process while ensuring the project goals are consistent and represented EVERY step of the way.

We Plan, We Develop,
YOU Succeed

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HUNTER VALLEY, AUSTRALIAStandardization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
Standardization Project Milwaukee, Wisconsin
“Campbell has done a great job understanding our real estate, industrial building specs and scoped needs, and then negotiating with lessors and managing the build process/contractors.”
Mark Hardwick
COO/EVP, Fenner Dunlop Americas
05 CONTINENTS Our projects and partnerships span five continents giving you access to established, trusted local resources.
3.5 MILLION MILES We've logged thousands of miles providing consulting services to various real estate and manufacturing firms across the globe.
06 SIGMA METHODOLOGY We follow Six Sigma methodology – removing costly variation from your manufacturing processes.

Lean Manufacturing Consulting Company

Our global consultants add value to your company in the following ways:

  • Your profit margins increase by implementing our efficient lean manufacturing methodologies
  • Your business growth strategy will be justified through our proven financial models
  • Your growing business needs a global facility expansion, including budgeting, design and construction
  • Your operation requires relocation following a merger, property acquisition and/or growth
  • Your factory or warehouse is suffering from untimely production and/or shipping
  • Your company requires a stakeholder representative
  • Your company needs a project management firm to complete projects under budget and ahead of schedule
  • Your new or existing corporate property is facing a bureaucratic bind with city councils and zoning laws
  • Your business demands negotiation skills for construction contracts and land permits
Contact Campbell Corp today - our lean consulting services will reduce spending and increase your profitability.

Lean Manufacturing Engineering Firm Exceeds Business Expectations

Campbell Corporation is a lean manufacturing consulting firm with global experience in automation, expansion feasibility and financial modeling analysis, facility location studies, facility and process design services, construction oversight and owner’s representative services, business acquisition and project management.

We have extensive experience in the manufacturing and mining sectors in plant location and relocation, start up businesses, green field site selection, process flow analysis and design, machine tool and production equipment selection, equipment purchasing and installation. We are Six Sigma and lean manufacturing engineers with quick response manufacturing knowledge. Our client list includes some of the world’s largest manufacturers, as well as smaller companies.

Lean Manufacturing Consulting

Campbell Corp defines and evaluates every consideration to determine where in the world (literally!) you should locate your new facility. The considerations of our lean manufacturing consulting company include supply chain sourcing, customer locations and impacts to operations. We develop financial models which define project costs, as well as incremental revenue to justify the project.

We utilize our years of experience in YOUR industry, combined with the various disciplines required to assist you in designing a state of the art facility integrating lean initiatives, automation technology and sustainable building components and systems. Complementing our facility design and architectural staff, Campbell Corporation has Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma engineers on staff to interface the design of your new facility. We know firsthand an operation only succeeds with a foundation of efficient lean manufacturing principles.

Facility Consultants Provide Project Management Expertise

The project managers at our global consulting firm who oversee your project are the best qualified to ensure all local professionals adhere to industry standards as precisely planned from design through construction. Other related consulting services provided at Campbell Corporation include special projects feasibility studies. We impart in you a profound understanding of all the impacts and considerations in valuing and acquiring a company, relocating a facility, closing surplus capacity and acquiring and installing new major assets.Six Sigma Consultants

Over the past 30 years, our executive staff has managed construction projects of countless manufacturing and service facilities and factories worldwide, from conception to completion. Large mining equipment has become more than second nature, as we have designed and overseen the construction of large fabrication and weld shops, electric motor repair and rebuild shops, machine shops, warehouses and offices. We have experience in the development of corporate standards to define and specify design, architecture, process and engineering standards for standardized facilities built worldwide.

We are also experts in lease and purchase negotiations for real property, machine tools, development and construction. As developers and contractors, you can rest assured we hold the knowledge to add VALUE. We provide investigative studies to identify and evaluate comparable situations for negotiations yielding the desired result, every time.

Our network of development, real estate and design professionals are worldwide with an emphasis in Russia, China, India, Chile, Australia, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.

Operations Support for Any Client

You are visiting our website for a reason. Our clients usually have been burdened with several of many significant undertakings:

    •    Capacity constraints hindering on-time deliveries
    •    Global manufacturing opportunities
    •    Facility layout or design may not be optimized
    •    Acquisition / Merger consulting needs
    •    Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement

Campbell Corp is here to make the unknown known. When we say, “we plan, we develop, YOU SUCCEED®” we mean it and we do whatever it takes to live by this promise. Our vast experience significantly reduces risk and ensures your projects are given the opportunity needed for success. We understand your decision making process is critical to your future. Our feasibility studies are fact-based and analytically correct, as we have a vested interest in providing you with a value-added proposition to rely on. Experience is our greatest asset, and ultimately how we execute your project with the greatest confidence imaginable.

At Campbell Corp, we consider ourselves YOUR partner and co-owner in YOUR project, which is inherent within our business culture to provide you with solutions to your largest operations problems. Our success is your success. Not only do you have a problem but you have an opportunity.

We plan, we develop, you succeed.®

Robert E. Campbell

Campbell Corporation has never failed to save a client significant funds, regardless of the country or continent. Contact our lean manufacturing consulting company online or by phone or email today.