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Lean Manufacturing Process Improvement Consulting



Facility Consulting Experts Provide Support Past Lean Manufacturing Operations

Lean Manufacturing Operations Support

Operations support is a key element ensuring you have an efficiently run business well into the future. The lean manufacturing consulting executives at Campbell Corporation offer ongoing support for your company, allowing us to continue improving operations processes long past the initial facility build or expansion. We oversee all aspects of your continuous improvement culture to ensure improvement is sustained. Campbell Corp continues to utilize lean manufacturing engineering initiatives and principles which reinforce staff training, equipment optimization and all other business elements. By supporting customer operations, we can identify and eliminate problem areas, resulting in continuous improvement. Through on-time delivery, dynamic production throughput, effective workforce training and more, Campbell Corp guarantees your business will continue to prosper for years to come.

Process Equipment Efficiency Improvement

Campbell Corporation oversees all process equipment concerns from evaluation to acquisition to final installation. Our lean manufacturing consulting experts survey your current equipment to determine if it is the most efficient fit for your business. Once evaluated, we seek out new methods and/or make adjustments to your existing machine shop. Whether we optimize your current equipment, recommend the installation of new equipment or add on to the facility to escalate your current capacity, Campbell Corp handles everything.

Logistics Management

Logistics management is a crucial aspect of operational support. A well designed supply chain is a key element which factors into business profitability. Campbell Corp has been providing logistics management for years, integrating superior processes from manufacturing to product distribution. With our principles, your entire manufacturing process works more economically to provide unmatched customer satisfaction. Campbell Corp’s lean management consulting services consulting services offer the logistics solution to keep your company thriving in the long run.

Merger Oversight

If your company is merging branches or consolidating with industry competitors, Campbell Corporation is skilled in swiftly overseeing the merger process. We handle almost all aspects of a merger from planning to facilitation. Our global lean management consulting specialists will calculate the current value of your business model and align a more productive, more efficient model. We facilitate the entire merger to open communication streams between the chain of command, helping new employees adapt successfully and seamlessly. Campbell Corp sees to it the condensed or expanded operation makes the necessary changes to get your company where it needs to be.


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