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Lean Manufacturing Consulting Jobs and Employment Opportunities

Does the prospect of joining something great appeal to you? Campbell Corporation is always on the lookout for experienced personnel to add to our professional staff and/or network. While based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we wouldn’t exist without connections all over the world. Even our Milwaukee executive staff leads a “road warrior” lifestyle of constantly being up in the air. If anything requires a relentless work ethic, it’s the responsibility of global project management, servicing international clients directly on site, ensuring perfection.

Perhaps you are familiar with such a career. Campbell Corp is in a continual mode of growth. With each new company’s facility expansion and/or factory improvement we provide consulting services for, our need for dependable experts grows.

Career Opportunities Available with Lean Manufacturing Engineering & Consulting Firm

Job Requirements & Qualifications:

lean manufacturing engineering

  • A Master’s Degree in Business, related field or a Bachelor’s degree with the equivalent experience. 
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in Project Management 
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in proven Production Flow
  • Advanced training in Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • Industry knowledge, specifically in open pit mining services and electric motor rebuild shops
  • The skillset to train and manage employees by maintaining a productive work environment
  • Flexibility, including the willingness to travel abroad for months at a time 

We’re excited about your interest in Campbell Corporation and the potential possibility of you becoming a member of our team. If you meet the above requirements and qualifications, or simply wish to share your expertise and objective with us, we encourage you to send an email with your resume to