Here Are 5 Ways to Increase Workflow Through Altering the Factory Layout

Do you know some business owners waste over 20 work hours a week? Productivity is essential for successful businesses of all types.

Some major workflow issues can be a result of poor space planning. This is especially true for manufacturing plants and assembly facilities.

Looking for ways to optimize your factory layout to boost production? Keep reading below for five ideas you need to consider!

1. First Examine What You Have

You can’t improve an issue without first understanding it. Assess what employees, what technology, and what processes are involved.

Where are the pain points? That is, where do issues arise. If there is one area in your factory that underperforms, look there first. Take a close look at production times too. Slow processes usually can be improved upon.

2. Work With Line Staff on Factory Layout

While you may think you have a clear picture of what is going wrong in your factory, you have only one perspective. If you are a manager or CEO, you may not exactly know what line staff are dealing with.

Consider holding talks with employees to hear directly from them where there are issues with the layout. They will be able to tell you exactly what is slowing them down from doing their best work.

Engaging your employees will also show them how much you value their insight.

3. Create an Organization System

Do you typically have product items spaced out across your factory? Is Part A on the west side while Part B is on the east side, in a different hallway?

Wasted time and money often occur due to a subpar organization.

To achieve your goals, think about each step that happens in your factory. Make a space for every machine, tool, and product.

4. Use Technology to Your Advantage

You may have sticker shock initially when looking to purchase and install any computer-based factory machines. But it can make a huge difference in efficiency and bottom lines.

Upgrading your machines will have a massive long-term return on investment. It also helps you keep up with others in your industry and stay competitive.

That being said, don’t skimp on maintenance for old and new machines. An unexpected break can leave your factory at a standstill.

5. Make Your Factory Process Flow

Map out what your factory does from A to Z. If you take raw product deliveries and turn them into an item, consider having products arrive at one end of your facility. Then, have the final product ship out of another end of the facility.

Don’t get stuck in the thought that the process line needs to be in a straight line. Depending on your factory specifics, consider a U-shape or even a zig-zag process.

Keep in mind you will want to set it up to allow for any future changes. This includes expansion. Keep design rehauls as flexible as possible to allow for future growth.

Let Your Factory Flow Make You More Money

Keep these ideas in mind when changing your factory layout and you will be on your way to increased success.

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