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Increase your profitability and please your customers by reducing lead times and improving efficiency. Campbell Corporation’s manufacturing consulting experts will not only get you there quickly, but help ensure sustainable growth into the future.

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Meet the market’s demand with Lean manufacturing methods and tools

Campbell Corporation’s Lean manufacturing consulting experts will help you reduce your lead time, increase throughput, and improve quality resulting in enhanced profitability. Do you have issues hiring, need to ramp up production to meet a surge in demand, or want to ensure sustainable growth? Our lean manufacturing consultants apply methods and tools that allow you to serve your customers’ needs more efficiently, with fewer people, across all seasons and market conditions. It’s time to sharpen your competitive edge — let’s start right on your factory floor.

Why Manufacturing?

Campbell Corporation focuses exclusively on improving the processes, efficiencies, capacity, and profitability of manufacturers. Our principals and Lean manufacturing consultants have spent decades leading process improvement projects in the manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing clients who have partnered with us are varied and include high volume / low mix and low volume / high mix models. Our customer base includes multinational household names like Dunlop, Dupont, and Komatsu to many small manufacturers you’ve likely never heard of. We’ve worked in various industries including automotive, aerospace, equipment manufacturing, chemical processing, electronics, food processing, and many more.

Chances are at least some of the processes to manufacture the components of the house you live in, the car you drive, and your facility have been improved by Campbell Corporation! Explore our clients’ success in manufacturing here.

How We Deliver Effective Manufacturing Consulting


We bring our expertise to bear when conducting a Lean manufacturing consultation, but that’s not all. We come prepared with a process that’s been perfected over the decades.


Campbell Corporation’s Lean manufacturing consultants have been practicing the principles of Lean manufacturing since before ‘Lean manufacturing’ became a popular term. Since then, we have evolved, mastering the tools needed to increase your company’s throughput and quality. We identify and quantify the effectiveness of your production systems, capabilities, and constraints. With the involvement of your team, we will develop a customized action plan to meet your KPI’s (Key Process Indicators) and give you the largest impact in the shortest period.

We have applied Lean Engineering to the practice of consulting, ensuring our product clearly and competently outlines an actionable, realistic, and sustainable plan to meet our client’s goals.

Our expert team of Lean manufacturing professionals consists of not only experienced Green and Black Belts, but also includes Master Black Belts and authors from America’s top manufacturing organizations including Motorola and Lockheed Martin.


Our clients typically achieve at least:

More On-Time Deliveries

Better Inventory Turnover Performance

Increase in Productivity

Space Saved

We are experts at:

Cell/Line Design

An optimized cell and line design can improve safety and remove waste, control processes, shorten lead times, reduce work in process, and provide built in quality while organizing and minimizing the space required for production. Our proprietary and comprehensive Cell Design Process is a roadmap to a successful Cell and Production Line design and considers safety, throughput requirements, process improvements, raw materials delivery, work in process, equipment, automation, Industry 4.0, automation solutions, tooling, tools, bench stock, consumables, waste planning, operator requirements, process times, work content, process mechanicals, and even special environmental process considerations including temperature, clean room, humidity, and even more considerations resulting in predictable, controlled throughput.

Learn more about new facility layouts or how to relayout your existing facility.


Collaborative Improvements

The world’s subject matter experts on your processes are on your shop floor right now! Our Lean manufacturing consultants leverage their knowledge and experience to design the future state they will be working in. And we don’t just work 7 to 5. If you have a 2nd and 3rd shift, we include those process champions in our collaborative process as well.

We act as educators and Lean mentors, sharing the power of Lean concepts, methodologies, and process improvement innovations to improve your processes. The success and sustainability of your Future State is dependent on your employees’ input, understanding of the designed processes, and ultimately their endorsement. On that note, we offer Lean Training too.


two manufacturing workers discussing plans

Immediate Results

Through the knowledge gained from decades of Lean manufacturing consulting experience, we are often able to achieve immediate improvements through what we call “Just Do It’s”! We have made immediate and impactful improvements for our clients by identifying and recommending low cost or free solutions and best practices.

Knowing What’s Important

Improving to improve is often a waste of labor and financial resources. Our approach prioritizes and focuses on what’s important to your business and we concentrate our efforts to those improvement projects that achieve your manufacturing goals.

We identify the constraints and focus on fixing them through increased utilization, process improvements, automation options, cell design, Total Productive Maintenance, Quick Change Over Management, or any of our Lean manufacturing tools. It’s no enough to simply “improve to improve.” We remove the limitations preventing you from achieving success.

Rolling Up Our Sleeves

We don’t just consult. We transform.

Campbell Corporation’s Lean manufacturing consulting team work closely with you to implement identified improvements, based on recommendations that are sustainable and achieve the modeled results. We are on site to troubleshoot any unforeseen circumstances and immediately implement solutions. We have proven strategies and methods to pilot our recommendations prior to any recommended changes to layout or equipment relocations, to minimize potential negative impact to your throughput. Piloting our recommendations allows us to prove the impacts of process and efficiency gains.

Tailoring Our Approach

Profitability, fast. At Campbell Corporation, we don’t have a cookie-cutter approach. We recognize that solutions for a high-volume consumer electronics manufacturer often differ drastically compared to a high mix / low volume large equipment manufacturer. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of Lean manufacturing as it applies to your business allows us to consistently recommend the right solutions for the right problems.

Facility Layout

Process gains from the most efficient cell and line designs can be eroded by a poor facility layout and design. In an existing facility, monuments like mechanical rooms, large equipment, restrooms, loading docks, and even uneven ceiling heights can create challenges to an efficient layout. We consider many factors in overall facility layout including safety, process flow, material handling, required Work in Process (WIP) storage, waste, material replenishment, process mechanicals, environmental considerations, and scores of other factors that completely support production.

Learn about the importance of applying lean to a facility layout and see the results our process creates for our partners.

Facility/Site Concept Design

Having an experienced Lean manufacturing consultant and facility expert represent you during the facility design process can minimize your overall investment and ensure your new facility completely supports your processes. Campbell Corporation was founded as a facility development and design consulting company over 30 years ago. We provide concept drawings and specifications to the project architect that not only preserve the requirements of process, but also consider employee amenities, location of mechanical rooms and utilities, site plan, and expansion plans.

Learn more about our facility design services.