Standardization Project

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When a client of Campbell Corp was in need of a facility, our method allowed their local corporate managers and engineers to select the scalable modules from our designs based on process type and projected throughput. The standardized drawings and specifications were then transmitted to a local design team. The project architects and engineers were given direct access to detailed information on building sizes, features and amenities to ensure a building design which accomplished the process goals. Equally important, the package guaranteed corporate branding integrity and a high-quality facility, durable years after completion.

The Standardization Project included:

Standardization Project Wisconsin

  • Standardized Prototype Model Modules to combine up to 6 process goals in any combination with offices and warehouse
  • Site plan requirements for each combination of Modules
  • Process plan for each Module
  • Over 400 architectural sheets for domestic design, structural, site, MEP, and lighting
  • Included renderings and 3D models for critical initiatives / installations
  • Incorporated all MEP process equipment requirements
  • Incorporated all process equipment foundations
  • Incorporated standardized product branding requirements
  • Included detailed project manual specifying building materials guidelines and standards for each of the AIA (American Institute of Architects) standard Divisions of Construction providing local contractors globally the flexibility to select building materials and finishes common and customary in their region of the world while providing them minimum standards and practices for those materials and finishes when used.
  • Included process equipment manual with vendor proposal(s) including features and options for each of the process equipment

While devised in our base of Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Hibbing, Minnesota was home of the first building to be constructed utilizing this standardized package and the second world class manufacturing facility was recently completed in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales in Australia. This was another of our strongest business consulting firm achievements.

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