Business Acquisition Consulting: Evaluation, Negotiation, and Implementation

Campbell Corp Finds the Best Path and Destination for Facility Relocation

A manufacturing company in Antofagasta, Chile approached Campbell Corporation with hopes of us fulfilling three significant projects. In fact, their growth was solely dependent on the success of these desired changes. Importantly for our client, Campbell Corp is a failsafe group of problem solvers who evaluate the overall operations structure when contemplating your business acquisition. Our experts then proceed to effectively determine the total value.Chile Lean Consulting

Campbell Corp not only understands but openly admits over-accuracy is impossible when conducting a comprehensive study. Immediately after our process analysis, we develop the preliminary facility design before implementing the necessary flow patterns.

The addition of an electric motor rebuild shop to an existing building was our first challenge in Antofagasta. Multiple factors were taken into account far in advance, including zoning requirements, work orders and state and national compliance. Following machine tool selection, we oversaw the construction and installation, ensuring the entire process was finished under budget and in a timely manner, like all of our lean project management successes.

The same location’s second desired expansion meant outlining an outdoor welding shop for mining equipment. State of the art manufacturing within the facility included buckets, dippers and handle repairs. We also carried out the design and complete installation of a floor mill.

The third and final project in Chile, home of service sites in Santiago and Valparaiso, would relocate the overall operations structure to a community outside of Antofagasta, closer to the client’s customers. Campbell Corp’s executives quickly went to work scrutinizing current and future budget possibilities. Further work on the new facility involved site selection, schematic design, scope development, a machine tool actuations budget and obtaining federal assistance.

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