Electric Motor Rebuild Shop Design: Profit and Process Improvement

Campbell Corp Plans Factory Layout, Machine Installation and Increased Throughput

Campbell Corp effectively designs and constructs facilities worldwide with unmatched flow analysis. Our client in Baotou, China requested we evaluate their existing site. With insufficient work space yet plenty of surrounding land area, the facility was not being optimized for its potential capacity. We immediately determined an addition was necessary for the existing location.China factory layout consulting

For the underground mining repair and service shop in Baotou, we began with a pre-designed facility to maximize the area for component repair with correctly sized utilities, overhead cranes and capacity accommodations. Adjustments included floor loads, gas piping, connections and more. Our experts at Campbell Corp instigated the entire construction process, utilizing decades of project management experience. The new electric motor rebuild shop entailed alternating current (AC), direct current (DC) and explosion proof motors, used in underground mining where a spark could be disastrous.

Designing a facility which met the company’s compliance and budget constraints proved to be an increasingly demanding task. Our client’s weld shop was equipped to build and repair mining buckets, dippers, continuous miners, shuttle cars and longwall rebuilds, covering both hydraulics and electric. Another challenge was overcoming China’s strict standards of regulation. Despite setbacks, we oversaw all construction, machine tool installation and facility commissioning, completing the job on time and within the total budget.

The electric motor rebuild operation in Baotou, China was another one of our business consulting firm achievements. Machine tools, furnaces, VPI and test stand requirements, all purchases and installation procedures, were but a few additional achievements in the country, with domestic work sites in Beijing and Shanghai.

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