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LeanBusinessProcessVisibilityBusiness process visibility primarily focuses on the continuous improvement of both efficiency and quality. We comprehensively view every process from outside and from within to gain the knowledge and analysis you need. With over 30 years of professional consultation experience, we have been directly involved with dozens upon dozens of businesses just like yours. Our ability to increase productivity while lowering costs has proven consistent and repeatable. We enable you to move substantially larger amounts of products and services at a lower cost AND with higher quality. Other businesses we have helped were more like yours than you realize, ranging from “good apples in need of shining” to businesses in need of an entire quality and production system overhaul. Whichever is your need, Campbell Corp's global consultants will get you there.

Success on a large scale means constantly having to stay ahead of the competitive curve. Our experience lends you the exclusive foresight necessary to helping your business avoid money-and-time draining obstacles and internal conflict. The age-old idiom of “teaching a man to fish for a lifetime” might be a cliché, though it certainly applies. Campbell Corp has no interest in merely solving your problems, then leaving. Our goal is to help develop your own unique continuous improvement culture by equipping you with the plans and developmental tools to continue thriving long after we’re gone.

Achieve Transparency

Your management will become armed with the ability to measure performance and make corrections in real time. A culture will be developed where all employees take ownership and provide constructive value added feedback when issues arise. A process with constant feedback will recognize and define areas in need of improvement. Supervisors will be trained to accept and record ideas from any employee. When something goes wrong, every worker will utilize the correct root cause analysis tool to ensure the mistake is not repeated. When disruptions are visible at a glance, the most urgent items are followed up systematically.

Listen (the CTQs)

At Campbell Corporation’s lean manufacturing firm, quality begins and ends with the customer. The feedback received from clients is how we continue to excel at understanding the concepts which apply to your operation. By carefully studying the grounded statistics of performance, as well as welcoming and listening to the emotional side of your customers’ reactions, we identify solutions Critical to Quality (CTQ) for your customers. These CTQ solutions are then incorporated and made visible throughout your manufacturing process. Signs, metrics, out-of-control conditions, etc. must be made visible as they occur in order to minimize the impact to the customer and business.

Control (the Variables)

As soon as Critical to Quality solutions have been established, Campbell Corporation puts the proper controls in the right places, making sure only the highest quality products get into the hands of your customers. “Getting it done” is a meaningless phrase. “Getting it done right” is what we’re all about. We use proven lean six-sigma methodologies to reduce variation within your operations, making throughput more predictable and quality more consistent. Prior to leaving your warehouse, the best business practices ensure every product is consistently superior to its own standards. Customer loyalty and the reputation of your business in the marketplace are both reflected in superior on-time delivery and delivered quality metrics driven by Campbell Corp precision.

Improve (the Process)

Creating an environment of continuous improvement means never being satisfied with the status quo. In our book, the phrase “it is what it is” might as well not exist. In reality, “it is what we make it” with our relentless drive and our ability to build that drive into your manufacturing culture. We identify root causes and post them in visible locations for employees to see and gain perspective, then work with your team to provide you with customized solutions to your business. Our business process visibility experts equip you with the ability to utilize scientific tools to produce a line of products exceeding customer expectations, as well as productivity which exceeds yours. All of our customers are satisfied in their testimonials, simply because our root cause analysis training ensures your mistakes will never again repeat themselves. Since life is all about the details, there is a considerable difference between good and great. A founding principle, applicable to lean manufacturing engineering is the 80 /20 rule.  We focus on the 20% of issues having 80% of the impact on your business process, calling it a day only when it’s clear your business will be operating in “perpetual pursuit of perfection,” as the great Vince Lombardi would say.

Through a three-phased cycle of listening to the customer, controlling the variables and improving the various processes, we build quality into every aspect of our customers businesses. The team at Campbell Corp remains dedicated throughout the advancement of working closely with our customers to ensure the solutions we provide are customized for you. Disciplined focus and a relentless pursuit of excellence, make for accomplishments which rocket entire multi-million dollar operations to the status of world-class, in the eyes of their customers as well as the rest of the industry.

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