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Business Valuation Services


Campbell Corporation Accurately Evaluates Businesses

businessValuationServicesCampbell Corporation is a global consulting company with expertise in various industry-accepted approaches to business valuation. We accurately answer three simple questions:

  • How much would it cost to replicate the business?
  • How much are the business's assets worth?
  • How much is the cash flow from the business worth?

We have the experience and knowledge to assess the appropriateness of each approach, artfully weighing them to ensure an accurate valuation.

Campbell Corporation Identifies Hard and Soft Strategic Advantages

When making an acquisition, we investigate beyond the simple dollar value of the valuation. We evaluate the value of the acquisition to your business. Our team continues to assess:

  • The intellectual property integration within your product line(s)
  • Opportunities through expansion of your market penetration
  • Opportunities and risks of employee integration
  • Evaluation of the client and vendor base for both businesses
  • Operational savings opportunities as a consequence of consolidating processes
  • Improved profitability through increased utilization of assets and functions;
  • Redundancy of equipment and labor, both direct and indirect, as well as much more

Campbell Corporation is Your Acquisition Expert

Campbell Corporation has the experience to provide expert council in the acquisition and integration of a business into your organization. We know how to structure an acquisition which will minimize your exposure to businesses risks and liabilities. We structured, developed and implemented the acquisition and integration plans, budgets and schedules of countless businesses, maximizing their financial and strategic benefits.

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