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Comprehensive Lean Assessment


Assessing Your Manufacturing Capabilities

ComprehensiveLeanAssessmentComprehensive lean manufacturing assessment is a critical step in establishing the plan for Lean Six Sigma implementation in any operation. By facilitating our customer’s assessment of themselves we can make recommendations as a team over which 38 elements of Lean and Six-Sigma will have the greatest impact on Key Process Indicators (KPIs).

The Campbell Corporation Production System Assessment is a process which assesses a facility’s capabilities and limitations in 38 elements of World Class Manufacturing (WCM) methodologies. These 38 elements break down into four categories, with the elements of those categories listed below:

1. Manufacturing Operating Rhythm: Quality System Structure, Manufacturing Operating Rhythm (MOR) , Short Interval Production and Quality Tracking , MOR Support Functions Implementation , MOR Support Functions Efficiency , Visual Factory and Communication Boards , Suggestion System , 5S and Standard Work

2. Built In Quality :  Voice of the Customer (VOC) , Voice of the Process (VOP) , CTQ Definition Process , Product Hold/Stop Orders , Material Quality and Results Oriented Statistical Sampling (ROSS) , Calibration , Measurement System Analysis (MSA) and Gage R&R , Process Audit , Final Product , Audit/Out-Going Quality Audit , Product Audit and Check-Do-Check (CDC) , Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) , Shelf Life , Change Management , Problem Solving and Root-cause Analysis , Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) , Dust Free Environment

3. Lean Manufacturing : Worker Flexibility , Value Stream Mapping , Balanced Production , Production Scheduling , Changeover , Manufacturing Time Definition (Auto Workshop and Line Assemblies) , Line Capacity Analysis , Production Control System , Single-Piece Flow and Work In Process Management , Reception and Warehouse Architecture , Material Process Handling and Internal Material Providing and Handling , Water Spider and Kitting Process , Kanban , Constant Daily Output and Leveling Production , Inventory Management

4. Culture : Training System , Andon System , Lean Walk (Gemba) , People Ownership , Influence, Quality Policy

The assessment process measures the facility or department on a 0 to 5 scale on each of the above elements where a 5 is a Toyota Production System level of compliance for the element at hand.

The Campbell Corporation Production System Assessment process is carried out in four iterative steps. First, the assessment is performed at the facility. Both plant staff and the corporate quality representatives participate in conducting the assessment. The assessment results are used for the second step, creating the action plan. In the third step, a Campbell Corporation representative will work with the plant to provide training and share best practices related to the action items. The fourth step is where the action plan is executed and results are measured.

Conducting the Campbell Corporation Production System Assessment provides a baseline indication of plant strengths and areas of emphasis. Assessment of a facility may be done by considering the facility as a whole or by separately assessing each business unit within a facility.

Each of the five categories includes sub-categories, focusing on key processes or procedures. Each facility is also assigned a level from 0 to five (5 being best) for each sub-category or key process based on the facility’s competency in the specific area.

Campbell Corp’s Comprehensive Lean Assessment will result in benefits which exceed customer expectations. Continuous improvement means your staff, management and workers reach maximum productivity. The Campbell Lean Assessment is a MUST first step for any organization starting a continuous improvement journey or not recognizing the results of their current lean strategy.

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