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Lean Process Improvement


Lean operations process design is a method of lean process improvement which eliminates waste and creates multiple benefits:

  • Facility right sizingLeanProcessImprovement
  • Lower inventory levels
  • Increased productivity / capacity
  • Reduced lead times
  • Overall cost reduction

As mentioned before when discussing corporate or site Lean Six Sigma training, employees are key to lean process improvement. Campbell Corp believes people want to do their jobs well. If we give all employees the proper tools, they always prove, in our experience, to exceed personal and process efficiencies within their work unit. When designing optimized facilities, we use this realization as important input for our planning stages.

For lean process improvement, Campbell Corporation’s lean manufacturing consultants and global project managers impart our clients with the right-sizing of manufacturing and warehousing facilities, done through lean process design consulting, facility planning consulting and business site relocation consulting. Our services ensure an efficient response to every set of customers’ fluctuating needs. Lean strategies for process improvement eliminate unnecessary waste by effectively managing projects in all areas of your facility.

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