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Lean Six Sigma Project Management


LeanSixSigmaProjectManagementAgile Management, also known as Lean Six Sigma Project Management, serves as a cumulative design focusing on the engineering of new lean development projects with interactive and informational technologies. Agile Management assesses plans and executes the oversight of Lean Operations improvement to ensure timely completion of projects while delivering profitable, measureable results. Lean Six Sigma project management is designed through a variety of implementations and Campbell Corp provides training for all of the involved project managers.

Another way to describe Lean Six Sigma Project Management is as Extreme Project Management; results are reported upon achievement. Agile methods are an invaluable form of business aid in how they are broken up into individual reports of progress. As a lean manufacturing consulting firm, we are then able to refine the project as many times as needed at precisely the right times. The end result is then seamlessly achieved for the final benefit of the client, and more importantly, the client’s customers.

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