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Definition of WCM

lean manufacturingThe definition of World Class Manufacturing is a holistic and systematic approach for implementing the correct Lean Six Sigma concepts, principles, policies and techniques which successfully transition a manufacturing company into a world class manufacturer.

The global manufacturing consensus, following decades of experience, concludes the implementation of Lean and/or Six Sigma is not enough. Countless companies have failed in their attempts. Driven by the results achieved by Japanese manufacturers following World War II, manufacturing as a whole adapted many of the ideas used by the Japanese across multiple industries to gain a competitive edge. American focus was on the tools, NOT the system required for long term Lean Manufacturing sustainability.

World Class Manufacturing is a process-driven approach where implementation involves the following philosophies and techniques:

Strategic Planning

Developing a corporate strategy is first and foremost the most critical step in the implementation of any improvement initiative. The communication of a clear strategy ensures the entire organization is aligned with the long term goals of the company and no effort is wasted. Campbell Corporation utilizes the Hoshin Kanri method of aligning strategic goals to yearly strategies, then to tactical projects and metrics, and finally, aligned back to strategic goals.


Campbell Corporation assessment analysis provides a baseline indication of the plant or business unit’s strengths and areas of emphasis. At our client’s request, assessment of a facility may be done by considering the facility as a whole or by separately assessing each business unit within a facility. The assessment consists of four categories encompassing high level concepts of the Toyota Production System:

Each of the four categories includes sub-categories which focus on key Lean Six Sigma methodologies, commonly referred to as our Campbell Lean Toolbox. Even through your business may use all or some of these methodologies, it is IMPERATIVE your operations be exposed and trained on them all in order to ensure you choose which ones will have the most lasting impact.

Companies engaging in World Class Manufacturing strategies focus on improving operations, strive to eliminate waste and create lean organizations. This WILL result in higher productivity, lower cost and higher quality. If you have any questions on any of Campbell Corp’s methodologies and whether your company will benefit from understanding and implementing these practices, then call today. This is the official definition of World Class Manufacturing as defined by Campbell Corporation.

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