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Lean Manufacturing & Facility Design Expertise


Design and Layout a World-Class Facility

Lean factory layout and design maximizes the effectiveness of your facility’s space.

The key to optimizing your Lean factory layout is to prioritize processes and value streams with the greatest business impact while promoting and complimenting Lean production systems. Also, an optimized factory layout supports safe material and employee flow, while providing amenities that improve production and employee satisfaction.

Achieve Giant Operational Goals With a Lean Partner

American manufacturing is on the rise. Are you ready to compete?

Supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and narrowing profit margins are constraining domestic manufacturing’s recovery. However, American industry is set for massive growth in the coming decade — assuming experts meet the challenges head on. Experienced Lean manufacturing consultants will help you capitalize on this boom by implementing Lean solutions, so you can meet consumer demand and smash your profit goals.

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Lean Manufacturing Success in Action

Explore stories of Campbell Corp’s revolutionary approach to Lean manufacturing.


INFICON’s partnership with Campbell Corp on this construction project resulted in an impressive facility that opened ahead of schedule and under budget.


We partnered with Daniel Defense to improve the scalability of their manufacturing processes, allowing them to adjust production to market conditions.

What We Bring to Your Manufacturing Projects

Lean Manufacturing Mastery

Domestic manufacturing is our “why.” We believe that every American manufacturer can thrive with the right support, so we focus all of our services on this industry. Our team of Lean experts serves both high mix/low volume and high volume/low mix environments.

Decades of Industry Experience

Our engineers and designers have been on factory floors for decades. We’re all aware of the changes and challenges facing the industry, and Campbell Corp has the experience to help you face the future with custom Lean solutions.

A Commitment to Our Partners

We plan. We develop. You succeed. Our manufacturing partners are at the center of everything we do. Make your operation more efficient, scalable, and profitable with Lean solutions that fit your short and long-term production goals.


Stephen Chabot
VP of Operations

As a valuable member of the team, Campbell Corporation brought a wide breadth of experience and expertise in planning, Lean manufacturing, and construction management to the project. In my experience working with other consulting parties, Campbell took a much more collaborative approach to managing the project which made them very easy and enjoyable to work with.