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Building Schematic Design

Campbell Corporation is a lean manufacturing consulting company specializing in building design schematic services. A lean facility layout leverages optimized processes while supporting efficient manufacturing and material flow by aligning the physical facility layout with the process map. It promotes safe operator access to work areas and accounts for operational and personnel amenities including break rooms, mechanical rooms, and much more.

And with our experienced team of consultants, we can develop a facility layout design that will fit the needs of your business. To forge a bright future for your company, we have developed a method called building schematic design. It’s based on numerous aspects and factors your facility needs to work optimally.

A schematic building designis the design phase, where all critical aspects of your facility are considered. It also commonly consists of the following:

  • Equipment Layout
  • Mechanical Systems Performance
  • Process Environmental Specifications
  • Equipment Foundations
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Material Flow
  • Work in Process Visual Controls
  • Pedestrian Flow
  • Building Mechanical Space Allocation
  • Site Plan
  • Corporate Guidelines and Standards

To conform to the standards of each sector, many more considerations are made during the process of schematic design. We’re aware that every industry has its own unique set of processes and outputs. Accordingly, we are constantly refining our strategies for building infrastructure that maximizes profits, shortens lead times, and increases sales.

A World-Class Facility with Our Schematic Design Services

Our comprehensive plans and building design schematics are based on your products, processes, and manufacturing goals. We incorporate implementable solutions based on our outside vantage point and decades of manufacturing experience designing processes and facilities.

Developing a Facility that Meets Your Needs

It takes time to design a unique layout for a building. However, Campbell Corporation provides comprehensive schematic design services. We take care of everything associated with material handling requirements, design impact, WIP storage requirements, and raw materials.

The goal is to create a facility layout plan to meet your workforce’s needs and the demand for your products. So we ensure that all our proven proprietary approach will achieve what needs to be done without missing a beat. It helps us properly define the project to guarantee we create a facility while following a flexible process to address your needs.

Furthermore, we will work with you to understand your primary objectives. It helps us envision what your facility will become and how we can fully optimize your manufacturing processes.

Trust Campbell Corporation for Your Facility Development Through Building Schematic Design

We understand that every facility has needs, wants, specifications, restrictions, preferences, and requirements to meet. So it’s our goal to become a lean manufacturing company that provides the best services for you to experience the best results.

So if you are looking to take your businesses manufacturing processes to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re here to help optimize your facility.