Lean Six sigma Training

A partnership with Campbell Corporation on any Lean or facility design project includes best-in-class Lean training.

Many businesses place a high demand on the integration of lean practices without knowing the answer to an essential question: Why is Lean so important for my company?  

Lean improves revenue by reducing waste and decreasing process variability

With Lean, it is necessary to know the specifics of why, and the impact for your corporation or field site. As lean manufacturing consultants, we know it is our duty to help you find an answer to the question. 

Campbell Corporation transforms businesses through corporate and/or site Lean Six Sigma training. While Six Sigma rightfully evokes variation reduction, the emphasis of Lean focuses on the elimination of waste. Strategic planning training for executives ensures the entire leadership is driving to the same goals and objectives. White Belt level training of the workforce provides the culture with the knowledge it needs to identify and eliminate waste. No matter the facility or factory with success on the line, your company will have the tools needed to continuously improve. As advanced Six Sigma Black Belt practitioners, we make process variation predictable while eliminating non-value-added activities. 

Honshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri, meaning direction management, is a precise project management tool frequently utilized by our lean manufacturing firm to train executives in Policy Deployment or Strategic Planning. When used properly, Hoshi Kanri gives all staff clear visibility to their own company’s plan, annual initiatives, projects required for fulfillment and metrics to monitor corporate progress. Hoshin Kanri is a lean project management technique first devised 15 years ago, which we have proudly mastered. 

Here is one important factor to remember, even if it is the only one: Culture eats strategy for lunch. If your entire team is not versed in the art of waste and variation identification, then your Lean Culture is unsustainable. With years of skills, Campbell Corp guarantees we will identify your training needs to eliminate waste and make your entire operation more profitable. 

Why Campbell Corporation for Lean manufacturing training?

Continuous Improvement is Sustained by Knowledge

Training with our Lean facility project management experts will demonstrate to your operators, supervisors, and managers how to identify waste and improve business processes.

Scaling and Improving Your Business Requires Best Practices

Campbell Corporation’s Lean manufacturing training offers best practices and guidelines for businesses with large or small amounts of employees. Our training offers a comprehensive approach to learning successful process improvement for your business.

Expertly-Trained Employees are More Valuable

Learning the 7 wastes is essential before utilizing a suggested system. Paired with a reward motivator, this becomes the best source of Lean projects that your company can utilize. Training helps sustain continuous improvement within your business and overall business processes.
Jeff Murdock
Branch Manager

I worked with the Campbell Corporation on an expansion project in Australia. They were very thorough and professional throughout the process. Their insight with the project allowed us to maximize the value of our investment. Based upon their knowledge, expertise, and professionalism, I would highly recommend them.