lean project management

How effective are your processes? How will you staff your next initiative? Our project managers take care of logistics, so you can focus on results.

We Plan. You Succeed.

Lean project management requires execution oversight, a wide lens of the tool known as the “final action plan.” Lean Six Sigma links the first step, a strategic plan, to operational improvements, creating efficiencies for your business. Campbell Corporation institutionalizes continuous improvement culture, inclusively. 

Lean project execution oversight is the continuous monitoring and tracking of lean manufacturing projects to ensure timely and accurate completion. Our global project managers find hidden areas of inefficiency and recommend improvements, so you can sustain maximum productivity.  

our clients typically achieve at least:

On-Time Deliveries

Inventory Turn Performance


Space Saved

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How We Deliver Effective Manufacturing Consulting

We bring our expertise to bear when conducting a Lean manufacturing consultation, but that’s not all. We come prepared with a process that’s been perfected over the decades.

Campbell Corporation’s manufacturing consultants have been practicing the principles of Lean manufacturing since before ‘Lean manufacturing’ became a popular term. Since then, we have evolved, mastering the tools needed to increase your company’s throughput and quality. We identify and quantify the effectiveness of your production systems, capabilities, and constraints. With the involvement of your team, we will develop a customized action plan to meet your KPI’s (Key Process Indicators) and give you the largest impact in the shortest period.

We have applied Lean Engineering to the practice of consulting, ensuring our product clearly and competently outlines an actionable, realistic, and sustainable plan to meet our client’s goals.

Our expert team of Lean Engineering Professionals consists of not only experienced Green and Black Belts, but also includes Master Black Belts and authors from America’s top manufacturing organizations including Motorola and Lockheed Martin.

We are experts at:

Project Feasibility Studies

Campbell Corporation’s lean manufacturing consultants determine project feasibility and develop effective strategies for process improvement. The key to effective feasibility study? Fully understanding the scope of your project.  

We’ve created our project feasibility studies to help you reduce waste and generate profit. Once we understand the scope of your project, we’ll work with you to identify goals.  

When your manufacturing operation is at a pivotal growth point or in need of a process overhaul, Campbell Corporation will evaluate, plan, and implement a strategy to satisfy your business needs. 

Analyzing Markets and Providing Precision Planning

Upon determining feasibility of the goal and engaging in strategic planning with Six Sigma methodology, Campbell Corporation proceeds with all necessary operations.

By limiting risk factors through market analysis, risk mitigation, thorough analytical analysis and project schedule implementation, your business goals are fulfilled without disruption. Achieving success as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible is our objective. We combine precision planning, expert analysis, and detailed execution to ensure smooth transitions, lower operational costs, and increased profits. 

Agile Project Management Training

Lean agile project management training involves Lean Manufacturing Engineering, Strategic Planning and Culture Management Training. We focus on supplying the tools necessary to build an effective continuous improvement system, ensuring complete efficiency throughout the execution. Campbell Corporation selectively implements decades of Lean training to optimize the workers throughout every facility. Explore our recommended readings today.

Sourcing Talent Globally 

Campbell Corporation’s professional network of lean manufacturing consultants and global project management experts will effectively train your business’s workers and managers in lean manufacturing engineering and strategic planning.

We work closely with personnel from your facility or factory to receive the required input. Various responsibilities will then be effectively split between the company’s employees to execute properly. 

Improving Your Processes

Feasibility and strategic planning revolve around the initial practice of figuring out what accomplishments are possible for the business at hand. When a client approaches us at Campbell Corporation in need of assistance, our process improvement specialists first gather complete knowledge of how the company can be improved within its market. Once those goals have been identified, we develop a plan of attack.  

Facility expansion is a dangerously complex and hectic intersection for any industry in the world. With dozens of unforeseen factors able to sideswipe your entire operation at any given moment, the same universal risks apply, despite being uniquely specific to your location. Campbell Corp’s international business strategies utilize the best management techniques and styles for industrial success. As global consultants, our project management services are universal.