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Achieve your manufacturing goals and exceed customer demands with our proven Lean methodologies.

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Execute on your vision for your company’s future

Whether you’re starting a Lean manufacturing program or developing a continuous improvement solution, you need an expert on your side. Campbell Corporation’s Lean engineers identify and implement opportunities in process and manufacturing improvement, while providing Lean project consulting and Lean engineering expertise.

Lean processes start with your goals. Our Lean manufacturing engineer consultants help you boost efficiency and revenue through our proven system.  

With more than 48 industry and proprietary methodologies in our Lean toolbox, we consistently achieve high impact results—increasing your company’s throughput and quality while reducing waste and increasing safety. Our expert Lean engineers are equally comfortable on the factory floor and in your boardroom, and we will use our expertise to help you achieve your vision.  

Our clients typically achieve at least:

On-Time Deliveries

Inventory Turn Performance


Space Saved


How We Deliver Effective Manufacturing Consulting

We bring our expertise to bear when conducting a Lean manufacturing consultation, but that’s not all. We come prepared with a process that’s been perfected over the decades.

Campbell Corporation’s Lean engineering consultants have been practicing the principles of Lean manufacturing since before ‘Lean manufacturing’ became a popular term. Since then, we have evolved, mastering the tools needed to increase your company’s throughput and quality. We identify and quantify the effectiveness of your production systems, capabilities, and constraints. With the involvement of your team, we will develop a customized action plan to meet your KPI’s (Key Process Indicators) and give you the largest impact in the shortest period.

We have applied Lean Engineering to the practice of consulting, ensuring our product clearly and competently outlines an actionable, realistic, and sustainable plan to meet our client’s goals.

Our expert team of Lean Engineering Professionals consists of not only experienced Green and Black Belts, but also includes Master Black Belts and authors from America’s top manufacturing organizations including Motorola and Lockheed Martin.

Ready to achieve your Lean manufacturing goals?

Our Lean Engineers are experts at:

Lean Process Improvement

Lean operations process design is a method of lean process improvement which eliminates waste and creates multiple benefits: 

  • Facility right sizing 
  • Lower inventory levels 

  • Increased productivity / capacity 
  • Reduced lead times 
  • Overall cost reduction 

Employees are key to lean process improvement. Campbell Corp believes people want to do their jobs well. If we give all employees the proper training and tools, they can work more efficiently. This is why we consider employee needs when designing optimized facilities.  

Campbell Corporation transforms manufacturing and warehousing facilities through our Lean process improvement and lean engineering services. We leverage Lean process design, facility planning, and business site relocation consulting to address your unique pain points.  

Our services ensure an efficient response to every set of customers’ fluctuating needs. Lean engineering strategies for process improvement eliminate unnecessary waste by effectively managing projects in all areas of your facility.


Craig G. Dirk
Chief Operating Office
KMC Mining

I am pleased to recommend the Campbell Corporation as knowledgeable and professional facilities and process consultants.


Lean Manufacturing Success in Action

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We partnered with Daniel Defense to improve the scalability of their manufacturing processes, allowing them to adjust production to market conditions.