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Increase your profitability and please your customers by reducing lead times and improving efficiency. Campbell Corporation’s manufacturing consulting experts will not only get you there quickly, but help ensure sustainable growth into the future.


Campbell Corporation is a world-class lean manufacturing consultant focusing on helping manufacturers in various industries improve their overall operations to achieve their goals. With our lean manufacturing process, we have improved and designed the processes of our clients to help them achieve their manufacturing goals.

We have a proven approach led by expert manufacturing consultants to execute improvement projects to meet and even exceed the needs and wants of every client. Over the decades, we have perfected our system using state-of-the-art lean manufacturing tools that can improve every manufacturing aspect. As a result, we have become a go-to manufacturing consulting company that various industries trust.

We have worked with different industries with unique approaches to their requirements and specifications. We also offer outstanding manufacturing facility design to maximize every facility’s space. Other specializations include production line efficiency improvement, increasing productivity, and more.



High Volume / Low Variation vs High Variation / Low Volume

Chances are, Campbell Corporation has improved the manufacturing processes for the manufacturers of the components to the house you live in, the car you drive, and the office you work in. Our manufacturing clients range from high volume/low mix to low volume/high mix models and include industry leaders like Dunlop, Dupont, and Komatsu, as well as many small manufacturers you may not know. Our expertise spans across various sectors including automotive, aerospace, equipment manufacturing, chemical processing, electronics, and food processing, to name a few. Partner with us for reliable and comprehensive manufacturing services.



We understand that each sector has needs and requirements, especially regarding its facility and operations. And with our decades of being experts in lean manufacturing, we already have an in-depth knowledge of the industries we work in. One example is the Automotive industry.

Numerous automotive companies and rolling stock manufacturers have come forward to ask for our help when it comes to maximizing their profits while minimizing their waste. At the same time, we can transform every automotive facility while boosting its profit.

Here are some steps on how we do it:


    • We implement Lean Process Improvements

    • Developing layout according to specifications common in the automotive industry

    • Enhancing the design of your facility to meet automotive demands

    • Lowering operating costs of your automotive facility

And with our unique production line efficiency improvement and facility design services, we can eliminate non-value-added activities without sacrificing your automotive facility’s quality.


The Aerospace industry is one of the most complicated sectors with very complex needs and preferences. Fortunately, we have expert consultants who can easily lead every aerospace project, especially since we are detail-oriented and meticulous. Therefore, we can help clients forge their future by understanding their needs and formulating a plan to achieve them.

In every aerospace project, the size of the facility matters. So we identify all important aspects before we develop a finished design that will meet all environmental requirements while staying unique to the aerospace operations. At the same time, we will help you with your market demands by introducing our specially optimized manufacturing methods and tools for you to apply.

But why choose us as your manufacturing consultants for your aerospace facility? Here are some reasons:


    • Increasing customer value with limited waste

    • Responsiveness to change

    • Reducing non-value-added resources

    • Optimizing the flow of resources and information

We have the expertise that no other lean manufacturing company can match. Even though lean manufacturing was first developed for the automotive industry, this high-precision sector can also use the same principles to achieve excellent results.

Defense Industry

At Campbell Corporation, we have expert knowledge in the defense industry. We specialize in providing top-notch engineering, procurement, and construction services for military projects of all types. Our team of highly experienced professionals is trained to take on complex challenges specific to the defense sector, from design and fabrication to installation and maintenance.

Here are the methods that we use when working with the defense industry:


    • We use cutting-edge technology and software to create comprehensive system designs for military applications. 

    • We provide full fabrication services for defense components.

    • Once fabrication is complete, our team will install all of the equipment on-site with minimal disruption to operations. 

    • Our team also provides regular maintenance services to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently. 

At Campbell Corporation, we understand the sensitive nature of working with defense industry projects. Our team is fully committed to providing superior services that meet all military requirements while keeping operations secure and confidential. 

Equipment Manufacturing

Equipment manufacturing is a sector where specific products or components are created and developed to support manufacturing goods. So in this industry, a facility that delivers just in time while meeting the demands of its customers is crucial.

We specialize in guiding every equipment manufacturing facility to develop a space where they can enhance their in-house capabilities to ensure optimal results. We know how vital fast turnarounds are, so we have specific methods you can integrate into your system.

Some methods for equipment manufacturing we use are the following:


    • Reception and Warehouse Process Architecture

    • Constant Daily Output and Leveling Production

    • Line Capacity Analysis

    • Single-Piece Flow and Work-in-Process Management

Our detailed approach has created the ideal facility to establish every equipment manufacturing sector’s future. Moreover, we can work through any constraints and stringent requirements every equipment manufacturing client has.

Chemical Processing

Chemical processing is a sector where unique and specialized processes are applied to ensure the safety of its workforce. It involves producing industrial chemicals for different applications and purposes. Therefore, we adapted to any of these circumstances to ensure that our clients can achieve optimal performance without sacrificing their products’ safety and quality.

Here are some benefits of applying lean manufacturing to your chemical processing facility:


    • Improvements in productivity

    • Better quality chemicals

    • Shorter lead time

    • Environmental sustainability

    • Better employee satisfaction

We can help your chemical facility master our lean manufacturing process to increase its throughput and quality. And just like any other sector, chemical processing has strict specifications for their facility to meet. We have the knowledge and experience to determine how much of what kind of equipment and tools your facility needs in these types of cases.


You can find electronics everywhere. Even we use electronics to ensure that we produce quality results. In addition, it’s one of the sectors considered the largest globally due to its demand. Every household and individual needs a sort of electronic for a particular need, which is why its demand is nonstop.

Lean manufacturing is the solution if you want to limit your waste further and find what’s valuable in your company to maximize your profits. We have profound knowledge of the electronics industry and have created a system that will give your facility a bright future.

Results that you can expect:


    • Reducing errors in product creation

    • Optimizing main parameters to the specifics of the electronics industry

    • Overall quality improvement

We understand that every electronics company has its own requirements, and we can help you with them. With our in-depth process and customized solutions, your facility will be running in no time. 

Food Processing

The food processing industry has one of the strictest requirements in terms of safety and adhering to standards that ensure the highest quality of food products. Therefore, optimizing your facility and manufacturing processes with suitable systems and approaches to help you meet those expectations.

Lean manufacturing benefits for the Food Processing Industry:


    • Eliminating the waste of raw materials throughout the food processing process

    • Providing a higher level of satisfaction for the receiving customer

    • Maximizing efficiency to achieve more tasks

And at Campbell Corporation, we’re fully equipped to design a facility that provides a safe and hygienic environment for you and your manpower. We can find ways to reach your goals in terms of the layout without compromising the health requirements your facility needs to meet.

Why Choose Campbell Corporation for Lean Manufacturing?

Campbell Corporation has a team of consultants that specialize in lean manufacturing. Our expertise and skills have been honed throughout the years to ensure that we provide nothing but the highest standards when it comes to output.

We are your trusted lean manufacturing consulting company that will prioritize your needs. Working with numerous manufacturing companies in different industries allowed us to gain knowledge to focus on what matters.

Other specializations include (but are not limited to):


    • Cell/line design

    • Collaborative improvements

    • Building schematic designs

    • Office and support area design

    • Production and logistic equipment layout

We use numerous methods in different industries to meet the client’s needs. Some of these methods include value stream mapping, balanced production, quick changeover management, line capacity analysis, production control systems, reception and warehouse process architecture, and many more. 

Some benefits our clients experience from these methods are the following:


    • More on-time deliveries

    • Better inventory turnover performance

    • Increase in productivity of the workforce

    • Save space in your facilities

Our process will ensure that your facility will serve its purpose while being safe and efficient, no matter your industry. Our detail-oriented team is more than capable of solving any issues you currently have with the different solutions we have created for each sector.

Let Us Introduce Your Industry to Lean Manufacturing

Adapting to the changes is essential to provide better results and quality products to your customers. And with lean manufacturing, your industry will achieve its goals and objectives without wasting resources.

So if you have any questions about our methodologies and process, Campbell Corporation is here to answer them. Don’t hesitate to contact us today, and we’ll get your project started!