Client Successes

With over 30 years of success in Lean manufacturing consulting and factory layout design, Campbell Corporation continues to deliver for our partners.

Why Campbell Corporation for factory layout and Lean consulting?

With decades of transformations under our belts, here at Campbell Corporation, we understand the meaning of operational value.

See for yourself what a versatile range of clients we have had, along with an equally diverse number of projects. When servicing multi-million dollar facilities and factories, our end goal is always met: lower operational costs while significantly increasing profit.

In order to achieve the best outcome, we conduct analysis and implement lean manufacturing engineering processes for optimum workflow. No matter the factory layout, we employ project management skills you can trust. In multiple cases, we even negotiated contracts and land deals. We consistently deliver results for our clients and are confident we’ll do the same for you.


Factory Layout Design and Construction

INFICON’s partnership with Campbell Corporation on this facility design and construction project resulted in delivery ahead of schedule and under budget.

Stephen Chabot

VP of Operations


As a valuable member of the team, Campbell Corporation brought a wide breadth of experience and expertise in planning, Lean manufacturing, and construction management to the project. In my experience working with other consulting parties, Campbell took a much more collaborative approach to managing the project which made them very easy and enjoyable to work with.

Daniel Defense

Lean Manufacturing Consulting

We partnered with Daniel Defense to improve the scalability of their manufacturing processes, allowing them to adjust production to market conditions.

Chance Lord

CI Manager

Daniel Defense

Campbell Corporation’s team-driven, hands-on approach proved effective at Daniel Defense in exceeding our process goals. Their methodical application of complex Lean principles and tools identified the root causes of failures within our processes and systems. Their guidance and recommendations included immediate and sustainable solutions that we eagerly adapted throughout our organization.

Facility Relocation in Iowa

Factory Layout Design & Project Management

Our initial research developed a facility relocation project plan with a carefully-scheduled, precise series of steps to assure maximum effectiveness.

Paul Burton

Eurasia Service Director

Joy Global

When you work overseas and in some of the most remote locations on earth, building factories , teams and systems in places like the Gobi Desert and Siberia, the word challenging can be something of an understatement. To be able to call upon Campbell Corporation that can bring a wealth of experience and expertise, not just in the construction management to the project, or the advice on team construction and lean processes. But their calm assured approach in that they have done this all before. Their reassuring collaborative approach made the projects a very enjoyable and successful experience. A top class organisation.

worker welding metal with sparks flying

Mining and Equipment Repair in Wyoming

Lean Manufacturing Consulting

A final result that drives increased revenue requires seasoned expertise in turnkey project management. This was exactly how our work in Gillette, Wyoming was conducted regarding their new electric motor rebuild shop and mining service repair facility.