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Common questions answered by an expert Lean manufacturing consultant.

A Lean Manufacturing Consultant’s Concepts, Terms and Jargon Made Simple

As a business owner or operations executive, you may be on the fence over whether or not your operation is in need of continuous improvement or increased capacity. In some cases, businesses are suffering greatly. With over 30 years of experience, we can quickly utilize our worldwide network of professionals to solve problems bogging down your growth. In the scenarios of other clients, a manufacturing plant might be financially booming, yet we step in to save the company even more money, improving total operations in labor, energy and shipping efficiency.

Perhaps your sales projections far exceed your capacity and you need to expand or reconfigure your operations. As Lean manufacturing consultants and experts, our executive staff analyzes efficiency and automation in your operations. From location studies to designating budgets, facility and process design services, construction oversight and business acquisition, we have the management tools to achieve effective results every time.

When deciding on a consultant, manufacturers need dependability and integrity in every detail of their consulting firm. At Campbell Corp, we have an extensive yet flawless track record of consistently saving companies money.

Our most Frequently Asked Questions are answered here for your convenience. Please allow the following to serve as your trusted guide, making for easy comprehension and thorough understanding of what exactly we’re all about. We have vast knowledge of Lean manufacturing principles and are more than happy to share them with you. The sooner you understand Campbell Corp’s services, the sooner our expert manufacturing consultants can get to work on your company.

The perfect consultant for your industry is a firm entirely versed in all aspects of facilities from Lean manufacturing and automation to design and construction. Over 30 years, Campbell Corporation has gained expansive knowledge of facility process layout, capacity planning and physical plant operational requirements like power, water, zoning, floor loads, crane capacity and more. Further knowledge includes understanding process flow, logistics, cost of operation and integration of LEED initiatives in facilities. Campbell Corporation has the strong communication and collaboration skills, as well as planning and scheduling abilities for project success.

The most invisible attribute of any consultant is also the most important: integrity. Without the honest and transparent qualities integrity provides, a consultant cannot be a functioning member of your team. At Campbell Corp, we are acknowledged and respected as professionals. Rather than simply asking you to believe us, we offer proof. Our testimonials page is a comprehensive collection of actual clients overwhelmed by the success of our Lean manufacturing consultant firm brought upon them.

We possess the ability to develop feasibility analysis by evaluating needs, throughput, process improvement, machine tool requirements, building requirements, ROI expectations and timelines. The right consulting firm utilizes all of its resources and tactics to successfully manage the entire project.

For international projects, a consulting firm’s prior work experience in the region of the project is a must. It is important to be prepared before the initial contact, as in some instances there is only one opportunity to present your firm ideas and concepts to the right person. Your consultants should not only have the needed industry experience but also credentials operating within the specific country.

Bottom line, hire a manufacturing consultant firm that focuses exclusively on your project, is loyal to you, the client, has the utmost integrity, sets goals, communicates well and can understand the overall processes to complete the task. Without these ingredients at the onset, the project if able to proceed at all, will take longer, cost more and ultimately not be right for the client.

Look for a firm or individual with all the skillsets, knowledge and contacts to successfully assist in every aspect of industrial operations. From planning, designing, developing, licensing and implementing lean manufacturing initiatives to local labor consideration, construction, logistics and daily operations, Campbell Corp has the experience to take a concept from start to completion.

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Campbell Corporation is the only COMPLETE consulting organization. We handle every project from conception to completion, whether a new manufacturing facility, electric motor rebuild shop, or mining service facility. As Lean manufacturing consultants have the expertise and knowledgeable personnel.

We identify site location based on current needs and anticipated 5, 10 and 15 year expansions. Also, we evaluate logistics from customer base and vendors as well as employment base and taxes (sales, state and real property). Then, we prepare a complete matrix for your evaluation.

  • Investigate all possible grants from state and local governments and present them in a format easy to evaluate.
  • Prepare a request for proposals for architect and contractors. Assist in selection and conduct a due diligence report for your evaluation. We offer recommendations and the basis for these recommendations.
  • Review architect and contractor agreements for completeness as it relates to your needs. We are not lawyers and you will need to have your attorney review all contracts for legal aspects.
  • Set up contractor draw process which covers you from construction liens and unauthorized work advances.
  • Oversee construction for compliance to plans and specification. Monitor construction draws for on time, on budget maintenance.
  • Following occupancy yet prior to final payment, a final walkthrough inspection for component operation and construction defects.
  • Prepare a final report capturing all aspects of the project from start to occupancy.

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Campbell takes a systemic approach to implementing Lean Manufacturing. We have over 38 elements of Lean and Six Sigma in our tool box to choose from and only select those will have the greatest impact on your business and customer Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We involve your team in selecting them and train them thoroughly to ensure they get executed correctly. Finally we leave you with the Lean system to continue your continuous improvement journey to ensure your ROI exceeds expectations. We save you money and time.

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The first thing you will learn about Lean manufacturing is the implementation is a journey, not a quick fix. Many businesses eager for instant results try to implement the “quick fix” methodologies of lean manufacturing and drive them into their existing projects to attack waste. Campbell suggests if you go Lean, you are sure to remain completely dedicated to creating the culture and systems supporting long term improvement. This WCM environment delivers Lean methodologies which make sense to your team and have the greatest impact on your business.

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Campbell partners with your team to perform a through assessment of your operations capabilities and limitations. We then use those results to determine which of our 38 Lean Six Sigma methodologies will have the largest direct impact on quality and cost. We then review those results with our customers to finalize the projects, train them and monitor their progress over time.

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