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Essential Steps For A Successfully Relocating Your Manufacturing Plant

Going through a move of any kind can present a multitude of frustrations and setbacks, but relocating an entire manufacturing plant can present even more than usual. To avoid unnecessary complications and delays, you need the right plan.

With the global consulting market forecasted to reach about $262 billion in 2017, there are plenty of lean manufacturing consulting firms ready to help you develop the perfect plan for your move. Discover the most important steps involved in any facility relocation project plan and you’ll know what to expect when you work with experienced consultants.

Communicate your intent behind moving

The relocation of your facility is going to affect every one of your company’s employees, investors, and clients. Well in advance of your actual relocation date, create a press release and internal memos that clearly communicate why you’re moving. You should also include details like whether all workers will be moving to the new facility and the timeline of the move.

Create a layout

Just as you create a process design and layout for every operation in your facility, you need a process design and layout for your relocation. You should have a plan in mind for where you will place each piece of equipment and workstation. As you create your plan, remember to keep in mind the principles of lean manufacturing, such as minimizing how long parts spend transitioning from one workstation to another.

Test your equipment and process

Once you’re in your new facility, everyone knows that you should test every production machine with a test piece. This will allow you to verify that the machines are functioning correctly before you put equipment with potential problems in full production. An additional step that some may not initially consider is to run an internal audit once your facility is up and running. Not only will this ensure that your production process is running smoothly, but you may also be able to find new opportunities to make your production process even leaner than it was before.

Your relocation could be the perfect opportunity to make your facility more efficient and breathe new life into your company. Contact Campbell Corporation today to learn more about how you can make your facility relocation smoother than you could ever imagine.