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Lean Manufacturing Consulting Quotes & Testimonials

Our lean manufacturing consulting experts could easily spend a great deal of time explaining how highly effective Campbell Corporation has been in all of our past endeavors. However, testimonials are listed below to be seen firsthand, directly from our clients. When servicing multi-million dollar facilities and factories, our end goal is always met: lower operational costs while significantly increasing profit. In order to achieve the best outcome, we conduct analytical analysis and implement lean manufacturing engineering processes for optimum workflow.

leanmanufacturingconsultingquotesEven the most well-connected organization on earth would be hard pressed to match the unparalleled extent of our global network. Continent to continent, whether in Asia, Australia, or North or South America, we work promptly to procure years of future savings for every company who seeks Campbell Corp’s assistance. No matter the factory, we utilize project management skills you can thoroughly trust. In multiple cases, we even negotiated contracts and land deals, resulting in tangible benefits for our clients.

For the skeptical client unfamiliar with the magic of Lean Six Sigma trained professionals, peruse a few of the quotes below. Then proceed to our Success Gallery for more extensive explanations of the jobs completed. The following clients were overwhelmingly pleased with the success we reigned in for their overall operations. With over 30 years of experience, we understand the meaning of value. See for yourself what a versatile range of clients we have had, along with an equally diverse number of projects.

Campbell has done a great job understanding our real estate, industrial building specs and scoped needs, and then negotiating with lessors and managing the build process/contractors.

Mark Hardwick
COO/EVP, Fenner Dunlop Americas

Campbell is a tremendous asset, integrating well within company philosophies and strategy. I have personally worked with Campbell on numerous occasions to deliver superior results on land, building and company acquisitions, as well as lease negotiations and project management on new facility builds… Campbell’s background, knowledge, and insight make them a value-added player.

Mike Barchard
Director of Finance, BW Technologies by Honeywell

Campbell and I have worked on a series of projects in Australia, Russia and India of existing facilities expansion to electrical and mechanical repair shops over a period of seven years. Campbell is straight-thinking, technically capable, very knowledgeable and works comfortably with the idiosyncrasies of the corporate world… High principles, values and personal integrity are some of their greatest assets… I highly recommend Campbell for any industrial project related to greenfield ones, facilities and real estate business.

Andre Paio
Owner, 4G Advisory M

I have worked with Campbell on several projects in both Canada and the USA over the past 15 years…The most effective negotiators I have encountered for property development, greenfield projects or facility expansions… A proven track record for quality and timely completed projects… True professionals in the business.

Major Mining Company

Campbell worked with us in China on several projects over a period of three years…True professionals… Deliver great results.

Kris Naidu
GM CMM, Joy Global Inc.

We have worked together relocating, buying, selling, rebuilding, retrofitting and installing machine tools… These types of projects require close coordination and good communication to bring to completion on time and in budget… Campbell are extraordinary working partners... We found them to be very honest in their dealings and with integrity not often found in the business world today.

Howard Olson
President, Todd Machinery, Inc.

You have worked closely with us in providing facility design, permitting and financial analysis. We have learned a lot from your deal friendly approach… your honesty and true win-win philosophy has saved and optimized many deals… this is a breath of fresh air and a testament that, honesty and doing unto others as you have them do to you is certainly the best policy.

Frank Vezer
CEO-President, Vezer Industrial Professionals Inc.

Over the years Campbell Corporation has acted and consulted on behalf of many real estate transactions, including construction and remodeling of service centers, acquisitions and divestitures of land, facilities and manufacturing equipment. I would highly recommend their consultant services. Their expertise in both real estate and plant equipment is invaluable. They are open, honest, fair and a pleasure to work with.

Vice President, Major Mining Company

I worked with Campbell Corporation on a large project in Tianjin, China. Campbell was on site during the design and specification process, a period of several months. With their assistance we successfully completed the project in a timely manner and within budget. I recommend them as a highly professional firm with knowledge, integrity and tenacity, staying with the project goals and overcoming obstacles to the benefit of our client.

William Zhang
Deputy Manager, The Fifth Institute of Project Planning and Research of Machinery Industry

When you have a project to get done, performance matters. When it’s a big project, performance really matters. Over the years, I’ve relied on the team from Campbell Corporation to manage my projects and have always had excellent results. The Campbell team has stepped in to make big, complicated projects come together seamlessly – whether in the US or in International locations. Campbell Corporation has demonstrated the ability to make things happen and get the job done. I especially appreciate the integrity of the team. They have also shown great communication and attention to detail during the project work. As a busy executive, I appreciate the comfort of knowing the project – which is always incremental to my other work – will come off without a hitch. Having an extension of my team via Campbell has been a huge asset. I would wholeheartedly recommend Campbell Corporation for any project where performance matters. 

Rob Giebel
President of Frontier Wind

To whom it may concern:

As a former P&H MinePro Services General Manager for Western Canada, I have had the pleasure of working with Campbell Corporation on a number of projects over the years. I met Robert Campbell through work performed at our manufacturing center where Campbell Corporation was involved in most if not all building decisions, as well those in the regional offices.

In the Western Canada region, Campbell redesigned the layout of one of our warehouses increasing our pallet capacity by more than 25% utilizing the same foot print. They also reorganized product placement within the warehouse to reduce total pick times. The new layout and overall design fostered a safer working environment for warehouse employees, walk in clients, and visitors and was easy and inexpensive to implement.

I also utilized Campbell Corporation to represent P&H MinePro Services in the structure and negotiation of a new building lease. Not only did they negotiate very favorable terms and rates, they introduced provisions to the lease protecting my employer by limiting annual out of pocket maintenance exposure and providing us an ‘early out’ option should we have needed to resize the operations during the term of the lease. They acted as true professionals fostering a friendly relationship with the lessor. Campbell Corporation also inspected and documented the facility prior to occupancy to identify and document defects and damage which we may have been charged for at the end of our lease!

Campbell Corporation worked with me in evaluating an acquisition in southwestern British Columbia. They inspected the business and facility and their combined expertise in production, processes, and real estate positioned them to uncover several discrete issues including misrepresentations from the seller and environmental concerns which ultimately led us to explore other options. 

Each time I’ve worked with the professionals at Campbell Corporation they exceeded expectations in performance while meeting project budget and schedule expectations. They communicated with me frequently keeping me up to date on status and issues. In my experience, Campbell Corporation consultants are responsive, knowledgeable, experienced, and honorable. Their approach was results oriented and straight forward with no nonsense.

I am pleased to recommend the Campbell Corporation as knowledgeable and professional facilities and process consultants.


Craig G. Dirk, P.Eng.
KMC Mining, Chief Operating Officer

I worked with the Campbell Corporation on an expansion project in Australia. They were very thorough and professional throughout the process. Their insight with the project allowed us to maximize the value of our investment. Based upon their knowledge, expertise and professionalism, I would highly recommend them.

Jeff Murdock
Branch Manager, Gillette