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Moving? Here’s What to Know About the Facility Relocation Project Plan

When you’re managing relocation planning, there’s an awful lot on your plate. Stress can be running high, and there’s far too much that needs to be done. 

Aside from simply finding a new location for your facility, you also have to manage all of the logistics of a move.

When will employees be able to officially move to the new location? What needs to be done to actually end the lease and securely move everything over to your new place? How much time and manpower will this take?

If you want to keep everything straight and have a successful and painless move, you’ll need a solid facility relocation project plan.

Do you need help strategically planning your relocation? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. If you want to learn how to build a comprehensive plan, read on to find out what you should consider and include.

What to Include In Your Facility Relocation Project Plan

Each facility is different and is going to have different needs depending on the size of their facility, the industry they work in, and the amount of money and time they have available. 

Your relocation plan should be a detailed list of everything that needs to get done for a successful move. Some things are obvious to include, but there are other important things you may miss.

When you’re going over your project plan, make sure that you include these things.

Set Your Timeline

It would be great if your move could be done easily within a few days. But the reality is that your move could take weeks or even months from start to finish. 

Getting organized and setting deadlines for when certain tasks need to be completed can make managing a move easy. You won’t have to worry about tasks being put off until the last minute.

The most important dates to keep in mind are the final day of your lease, your preferred move-in date, and when you need to be completely out of your old facility. 

Make a Plan for Old Equipment 

It’s rare for a company to take every single thing with them when they move. You’ll want a fresh start at your new facility, so take this time to evaluate what needs to come over and what can stay. 

If you have a lot of old machinery and manufacturing equipment, see if anything can be sold to others in your industry. If the equipment you have is too outdated for a buyer, consider selling some things to a scrap yard. 

Also, be sure to check environmental and state regulations to make sure that you’re disposing of materials and equipment correctly.

Find Your Point Person

You’re going to do a lot to help with the move, but you can’t do every single thing. That’s why it’s important to find employees you can delegate important tasks too. 

Talk to managers about preparing their employees for the move. Make sure that they communicate what will be expected of everyone, and have them handle the individual logistics of moving each employee over.

Task someone with handling utilities before you start to move. They’ll be in charge of making sure that new accounts are set up and functioning when employees move and can help ensure that things are shut down at the old facility. 

Get the Help You Need

We could write a series of books on the right way to manage a facility relocation project plan. You only got a small taste of everything you need to do in this post.

Do you have any questions about an upcoming facility relocation you’re planning? Are you curious about other ways we could help your business?

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