Private Equity

Guarantee successful business continuity during ownership changes and enhance the ongoing revenue from your new investments via Lean manufacturing methods and tools.

Pre and post-acquisition services that provide you with faster return on investment.

Campbell Corporation provides a range of pre and post-acquisition services to private equity firms seeking a quick return on their manufacturing investments. Before your acquisition, we conduct thorough assessments to determine which areas provide opportunity for operational value, and provide recommendations to enhance that value. Post-acquisition, Campbell Corporation’s experts implement those recommendations and provide drop-in management to guarantee business continuity.

Our clients typically achieve at least:

More On-Time Deliveries

Better Inventory Turnover Performance

Increase in Productivity

Space Saved

Let’s talk brass tacks: what does Campbell Corporation offer Private Equity clients?

Determine if there is significant opportunity for operational value and in what areas of the manufacturing operation.

  • Time
    1-2 days.
  • Outcome
    Overall Assessment on state of operations and target areas for improvement and further analysis.

Determine specific actions, from Kaizens to restructuring, that can be implemented upon acquisition to enhance opportunities identified in the Operational Assessment.

  • Time
    1 – 4+ weeks, depending on size.
  • Outcome
    Detailed analysis of processes, facility and operational tactics with specific improvements and changes. Process value streams, organizational review, and recommended order of implementation.

Campbell Corporation implements recommended improvements and changes.

  • Time
    1 – 52+ weeks.
  • Outcome
    Implement agreed to changes from Operational Value Diligence.

Campbell Corporation provides business continuity for restructured acquisitions.

  • Time
    4 – 52+ weeks.
  • Outcome
    Management and operational stability during transitions to minimize productivity and revenue impacts.

Increase capacity, relocate, or combine synergistic companies in your portfolio.

  • Time
    3+ months.
  • Outcome
    Your portfolio adds a modernized, optimized facility based on lean six sigma principles.

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