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What Makes the Right Lean Manufacturing Consulting Firm?

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Energy consumption in the United States has steadily increased in the last decade. The same trend is expected to remain constant if something is not going to be done to reverse the current use of energy. The United States Department of Energy indicates that approximately 30% of the energy used across the country is used by manufacturing plants. This comes at a period when energy cost is at an all-time high and calls for alternative sources of energy are prevalent.

If you are a manager of a manufacturing plant, it is high time you incorporate lean manufacturing in your organization to minimize the use of excess electrical energy. It will not only save you money, but it will also enhance your manufacturing processes. However, to achieve this, you need the support and advice of lean manufacturing consulting firms. This article details how you can choose the right manufacturing consulting firm.

1. Industrial Experience

There are hundreds of lean manufacturing consulting firms out there in the industry. Most of them market or advertise their services as the leading lean project consulting companies in the industry. However, most of them might not have the experience you need. Therefore, it is upon you to select a company that has been in the industry for 10 years or more. Consulting companies that have been in the industry for many years are not only versed with strategy formulation but implementation as well.

2. Previous Results

When you are looking for lean manufacturing consulting firms to help you deal with energy consumption within your facility, you need to consider consulting firms that have a consistent stream of results. You don’t want to consider consultants who cannot show their previous work. You should see tangible results and get first-hand information from other companies in the industry through online reviews. The impact of the consulting firm should be reflected across the company and not in a few departments.

3. Focus on Practical Work

Several lean manufacturing consulting firms focus on providing theoretical perceptions to their clients rather than an actionable action plan that can deliver tangible results. As a manufacturing facility leader, you will come across lean consulting firms that are adept and vast with statistics. Although this information is essential in understanding lean manufacturing trends, it is important to focus on practical work. A company that is mostly focused on theoretical aspects at the expense of practical work should not be considered.

4. Certifications and Reliability

The Federal government of the United States is committed to ensuring that only credible consulting firms operate in the consultancy industry. As such, the government provides certifications to ascertain the credibility and reliability of such companies. You should not consider a lean manufacturing consulting firm that does not have government certifications.

5. Consulting Costs

Lastly, you should not pay beyond the means of the company for any consultancy service. The amount of money your manufacturing facility will pay should be consistent with your expected gains. However, this does not mean that you should consider the services of leaning manufacturing companies charging below-average rates.

These are some of the simple strategies you can use to get the right lean manufacturing consulting company from a haystack. When you’re ready to reduce resource consumption, rely on Campbell Corporation for help today.