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5 Tips for Effective Global Project Management

Looking to go global with your business?

If so, prepare for the complications that come from organizing a global team. Balancing time zones, cultural differences, and mid-afternoon siestas is not so easy to do. 

But with the right tools and lots of communication, you can have your global team firing on all cylinders. 

In this article, we’ll give you 5 tips to help you achieve effective global project management.

1. Keep Culture In Mind

Even if you think you know the cultures where your teams operate, you can always use a little brush-up.

Do your research. Learn how people conduct business in those areas. You don’t have to follow their methods, but you should at least understand them. 

As a manager, it’s your job to bridge the cultural gap between team members. Beware of religions and national holidays. These may not be a high priority in your office, but they probably are in other areas of the world.

2. Foster a Team Mentality

Use respect to your advantage. If you show a high level of respect for the individual beliefs and customs of your team members, they’re more likely to rally around you. 

Don’t overrun your international teams with meetings and gatherings. Instead, have a few gatherings each year where everyone can get involved. Encourage everyone to learn from each other.

Work hard to include all team members in major project decisions. Do this by asking questions, creating polls, and talking to them individually.

3. Use Tools to Make the Job Easier

Consider hiring a consultant who understands your processes. Someone to help with facility design in all your facilities around the world. This helps get your manufacturing facilities around the globe on the same page.

Using common software between all the branches is essential to keep everyone on the same page. Instant messaging programs and video conferencing software help keep people in the loop.

Consider using workflow apps where your employees can share, organize, and delegate tasks. And there are even apps that promote workplace discussion in a less formal environment than an IM session.

4. Proper Planning is Essential

Nobody hates it more when you schedule or cancel meetings at the last minute. Keep a shared calendar showing all important meetings at least two weeks in the future. This helps your employees plan their days. 

Planning is also essential for meeting goals. When you create clear goals, and benchmarks to reach those goals, people are more likely to be on the same page. And never forget to celebrate with your entire team when they reach those goals.

5. Let Them Know You’re There for Them

As the manager, it’s your job to check in with your team regularly. Go over their progress reports with them. Celebrate with them when they reach milestones.

Ask for feedback. Employees love it when they know you’re open to feedback on how to do things better. 

Also, show them that it’s okay for them to check in with you too. Create a culture that’s rich in communication. Ask them to come to you when they have questions or concerns. 

Make Global Project Management a Success

Successful global project management relies on communication.

To review, you want to keep culture in mind whenever you do anything involving your team. Do your research on the various cultures involved. And foster a sense of teamwork by getting your international teams together.

Find the right tools to help you keep communication lines open. Plan everything out in a shared space so that everyone knows when to attend meetings and what the company goals are. And check in with them regularly to make sure everyone is on board. 

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