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How A Factory Layout Consultant Can Improve Your Facility

Hiring factory layout consultants can help your facility establish processes that are productive and efficient. These processes are necessary to eliminate as much waste as possible and streamline your workplace. A factory layout consultant can not only help you with facility design, but they can also help with changeovers and line capacity analyses, among other things. Continue reading to see how your organization can benefit from hiring a factory layout consultant.

Process Design And Layout

Whether you’re updating your existing processes or implementing processes at a new facility, a factory layout consultant can help your organization utilize the necessary strategies for process improvement. A factory layout consultant implements process designs and layouts for your operation through helpful resources like a facility design and planning firm, lean project consulting experience, and knowledge about industry standards and trends.

For example, a recent poll shows that 59% of American employees say communication is the biggest obstacle to success for their team; a factory layout consultant can design a workspace with that in mind to boost employee morale and make communication more effective.

Facility Relocation Project Plan

A factory layout consultant can also help with your organization’s facility relocation project plan. If your manufacturing plant needs to move across town, a factory layout consultant can take care of the process and design layout for the business, handle production and logistics layout design, and manage office and support area design. And if your business needs to move across the world, a factory layout consultant will get you moved from one continent to another. Read more about what you should include in your factory relocation plan.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is the practice of creating a facility with essentially zero waste in processes and materials. This includes important components like space, time, and more, not just trash. A factory layout consultant with lean manufacturing engineering experience will ensure your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, which virtually eliminates waste in your process design and layout. With any luck, you’ll notice your employees working more like a team.

If you are planning a big factory project like a facility relocation project plan or a new lean manufacturing strategy, take advantage of a factory layout consultant. A good factory layout consultant will offer many different options for maximizing your floor space usage, minimizing any downtime between tasks, and decreasing defects and overproduction. Contact Campbell Corporation today for more information on how we can help you make your factory or facility more efficient.