COMPLETE FACILITY RELOCATION PROJECT CHECKLIST Relocating or expanding a manufacturing facility is complicated. It’s our hope that the following information helpsyou with your project! However, these initiatives often fall outside the experience and expertise of most manufacturing executives andmanagement. It often represents a substantial investment with high organizational visibility to the company as well. Facility … Continued

Supply Chain Shortages: How Lean Manufacturers Can Cope

How Can You Sustain Revenue Through The Supply Chain Shortage?   Remember, every manufacturer has unique pain points during difficult times. Our Lean consultants provide tailored advice to each of our clients. However, these general tips will help you rework your manufacturing processes and prioritize profitability.   Find Alternative Suppliers   When your tried-and-true vendors are … Continued

8 New Years Resolutions for Lean Process Improvement

Whether you’re in the beginning of your Lean journey or simply eager to start, early 2022 is the perfect time to learn some best practices. Lean manufacturing processes will help you reduce waste, increase productivity, and shatter your profit goals. The Lean manufacturing consultants at Campbell Corp. recommend these New Year’s resolutions for Lean process … Continued

When to Hire a Lean Engineering Consultant

Lean engineering is an effective way to boost efficiency and profitability. However, as with all manufacturing principles, it requires maintenance and support. The Lean engineering consultants at Campbell Corp. specialize in identifying pain points and streamlining production, and this starts with an honest look at your daily operations. Would Your Operation Benefit From Lean Engineering … Continued

5 Signs Your Manufacturing Facility Needs a Lean Evaluation 

Time for a Lean Evaluation? Watch for These Problems As Lean manufacturing consultants, we always emphasize that every client has unique needs. Your pain points likely look different from your competition’s. If you experience one of the following challenges, among others, we’ll take a tailored approach to your Lean evaluation and solutions. Slow Lead Time  … Continued

Complete Facility Relocation Project Checklist

1. Evaluate the Necessity to Relocate in the First Place Whether expanding your product offerings or gaining market share, a larger facility might not be necessary. The application of Lean Engineering reduces operational space requirements, while increasing throughput and reducing lead time.   Often, by applying Lean Manufacturing principles, manufacturers can meet their production goals … Continued

Is Lean Manufacturing The Answer to The Talent Shortage? 

Why Is Lean Manufacturing The Answer to The Talent Shortage? When it comes to manufacturing challenges, there’s never a one-size-fits-all answer. However, a Lean model provides process improvement and support in many areas–including labor shortages. Here are just some of the reasons why Lean will keep you profitable, even if you’re struggling to staff your … Continued

What Makes the Right Lean Manufacturing Consulting Firm?

1. Industrial Experience There are hundreds of lean manufacturing consulting firms out there in the industry. Most of them market or advertise their services as the leading lean project consulting companies in the industry. However, most of them might not have the experience you need. Therefore, it is upon you to select a company that has been … Continued

6 Reasons Why Companies Should Hire Engineering Consulting Services

The manufacturing industry is growing. Stats show that the sector contributed $2.38 trillion in the last quarter of 2018. Do you want to invest in the industry? Success is dependent on whether you can get the right tools and expertise for your firm. Whether it’s processes improvements, facility layout, or facility design, a Lean Engineering … Continued