Change Moves Businesses Forward

Most businesses are born from a basic idea that grows into something more. There is a general plan and direction at the beginning that gets the business off the ground. For example, an entrepreneur might know that they want to open an injection molding factory to create plastic parts. They might start with one or … Continued

Survival Tips for a Lean Manufacturing Style

What is Lean Manufacturing? If you have looked at hiring a manufacturing consulting firm to help increase profit, help with global project management, or design a new factory layout, you have probably heard the term “lean manufacturing” thrown around. Lean manufacturing (often just referred to as “lean”) is a method of minimizing waste within the … Continued

Expert Advice On Expansion

In order to create a product the line from production to distribution needs to be financially sound. If the line is full of obstacles then the overall cost for all points on that supply line will increase. The customer is the supply line point that will pay the price if obstacles are not removed during … Continued

Essential Steps For A Successfully Relocating Your Manufacturing Plant

Going through a move of any kind can present a multitude of frustrations and setbacks, but relocating an entire manufacturing plant can present even more than usual. To avoid unnecessary complications and delays, you need the right plan. With the global consulting market forecasted to reach about $262 billion in 2017, there are plenty of … Continued

3 Ways to Improve Your Manufacturing Plant

It can be easy for older manufacturing plants to get stuck in the old ways of doing things. While most people exalt the phrase “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,” sticking to tradition is no way to grow your business. Spring is a time for new beginnings and it’s essential you take another look … Continued

Here Are 5 Ways to Increase Workflow Through Altering the Factory Layout

Do you know some business owners waste over 20 work hours a week? Productivity is essential for successful businesses of all types. Some major workflow issues can be a result of poor space planning. This is especially true for manufacturing plants and assembly facilities. Looking for ways to optimize your factory layout to boost production? Keep reading … Continued

How to Develop a Successful Facility Relocation Project Plan

Location, location, location. You knew it was important when it came to buying your home, but did you know how much impact it had on your facility location? Maybe the facility you chose was perfect when you picked it, but you’ve outgrown the space. Now you’re facing a big move, which includes thousands or millions of … Continued

5 Tips for Effective Global Project Management

Looking to go global with your business? If so, prepare for the complications that come from organizing a global team. Balancing time zones, cultural differences, and mid-afternoon siestas is not so easy to do.  But with the right tools and lots of communication, you can have your global team firing on all cylinders.  In this … Continued

5 Considerations for Reducing Waste in Your Factory Layout

Increasing your profits as a manufacturing business happens only in a couple of ways. One way, that seems simple at first, is to increase your selling price. But you can only charge customers so much before they choose a different business. The most successful manufacturing businesses minimize waste to maximize profit. Lowering expenses by reducing waste means … Continued